A corporate video provides the answers to the 5 Ws and an H: who, what, where, when, why and how of a company, a group or an institution.

Essentially it is an image building exercise – creating a brand image, establishing a reputation, reflecting the experience of its management and employees, demonstrating the quality of products and/or services and subliminally communicating to the larger audience your credibility and integrity as a business.
It forms an integral part of an organisation’s marketing arsenal. On many fronts it doubles as a marketing video because it promotes your business. In fact, often these days there is a fine line between corporate and marketing videos.
An effective marketing video is one which influences the target audience to choose your company, product or service over others.
It goes beyond informing, it has to convince and convert the message into a sale. These types of video can be utilized with your companies online marketing channels such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Vine.  We can offer Simple Productions are low-cost solutions for SMEs designed to help companies convey their message with maximum impact and of course cost effectively. From a simple product video to a general manager’s speech to an event invitation, we can do it for you on simple budgets.
We have made effective corporate/marketing videos for a variety of sectors for wide ranging applications as you will notice from the videos in our video gallery



 We have produced different kinds of training videos for varied sectors. We work with trainers, training consultants, human resource departments, health and safety officials of companies employing a large workforce.
Many companies can use this type of video to build an in-house training session to ensure that new hires all receive the same basic safety training and promote a consistent level of safety competence, awareness.
This type of video will improve the industry’s safety performance by reducing ‘orientation fatigue’ while focusing ongoing energy on more critical site and job specific. These videos also to save time and money by eliminating repetitive delivery of common orientation components. Our videos can be produced in different language versions to cater to the multinational workforce of companies in the region. Our videos can supplement the in-house training and reinforce what has been taught and learned to let people learn in their own time at their own pace.
We have worked with many online educational institution to add training modules to their websites




We are a full service film and video production house which has successfully produced award winning shorts. We are constantly working on and supporting new projects from independent film makers in the region. 



 We provide video coverage of events – conferences, seminars, workshops, shows - from a single camera shoot through to a multi-camera solutions using the best and most up to date equipment. We always work closely with event organisers to ensure all aspects of the event are covered successfully.


 Our dedicated team of film professionals provides a full-fledged service for producing TV commercials. We work with experienced ad agencies and PR firms to execute their TV commercial production concepts into memorable advertising spots. Infomercials or television infomercials are generally accepted as a ‘non-broadcast’ longer version of an advertisement. However it is also referred to any video presentation which presents information about a product, service or company. Our production team includes professional film school qualified in-house crew as well as a stable of leading international directors, cameramen, and technical staff. While we are based in Dubai we provide services throughout the region. We travel and have experience in filming in various locations throughout the Arab world and Middle East and Europe.  



 Video news releases or VNRs are like press releases on video that are distributed and promoted to television newsrooms by public relations companies or ad agencies. TV stations incorporate VNRs into their newscasts just as press releases are incorporated into new stories by newspapers.
We have provided this service to PR agencies, online webchannels, regional and international TV stations.